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Welcome to Symbiosis РHome of  Performance Consulting, Results Coaching and Professional Facilitation

“It takes team work to make the dream work” – Walt Disney

Great relationships are the key to achieving great results. Here at Symbiosis, our aim is to foster and promote mutually beneficial relationships, with a focus on win/win outcomes within organisations, families and communities.

Using a unique combination of leading edge tools and profound ancient wisdom, our mission is to assist managers and business owners to unlock the talents of individuals and unleash the potential of teams within the corporate setting.

Operating from a place of integrity, authenticity, passion, insight and a strength-based perspective, we aim to increase trust, enhance communication, achieve greater clarity and strategic direction, and create the experience of flow for the organisations we work with.

**New to the Symbiosis toolkit is:  TALENT DYNAMICS**

For Business Owners and Senior Managers who have a desire to create an engaged, inspired and highly productive workforce, Talent Dynamics is a unique business development tool, new to Australia. Unlike other personality profiling systems, Talent Dynamics provides an explicit pathway for learning how to increase trust, and rapidly get a team into flow. When you are in a team in flow, productivity increases, results improve dramatically, you have more fun and feel more connected to the organisation.

Please contact Libby Butler via the contact page, and she will provide you with additional information. Our new website outlining the full range of Talent Dynamics services available is currently under construction.